"When we Fight everybody wins"

​Gene R. Hughes, Former Group Home Owner & Operator

MAAPN's Interim Director of Association Membership. Licensed Professional Vocational Rehab Counselor for 30 years. Participated in a six-month Management Development Internship, sponsored by the WI DHS. Certified in Public Administration (UWM) & Psychological Vocational Testing for the Deaf & Hearing Impaired (Northern Illinois Univ.). Former Coordinator for the Hearing Impaired in the WI DHS Office for Hearing Impaired. Former WI DHS Assistant Field Office Supervisor. 

MAAPN President

Rev. Father George Pumphrey, PhD, Disabled Vietnam Veteran

Abdul-Rashad Diaab, EMBA
MAAPN's Interim Secretary and Director of Consultant Services. Decorated U.S. Army Combat Medic. Former life, accident and health insurance agent. PTSD legal defense expert. His 30 years background in community healthcare, nonprofit leadership, paralegalism, business management, grantsmanship, and planning and development is a real asset to Assisted Living (AL) Communities.

Beatrice Baker, MEd, MSN, RN

MAAPN's RN Consultant Team Director has more than 35 years of nursing experience. She has worked at University of Illinois Hospital & Clinics, Community Health Nursing through the Illinois Nursing Association. Ms. Baker’s relocation to Milwaukee led to employment at the Milwaukee Veterans Administration (VA) Hospital & Clinics.  During her service with the VA, Ms. Baker worked as a Mental Health Nurse, Clinic Nurse, and Nurse Educator.  Ms. Baker taught nursing for Milwaukee Area Technical College, Brian & Stratton College, & Milwaukee UWM. Ms. Baker has served as a nurse mentor, nursing advocate and promoted health care in our community by working with the Black Nurses Association and the Wisconsin Nursing Association. 

Gary George, J.D., CPA
MAAPN's Chief Legal Counsel (pro bono legal assistance).  Affordable fee for services (complicated living wills, advance directives, guardianship issues, regular wills, other healthcare-related documents, etc.).  Contact tel:  414.397.8050

recent programs

Priority #1 is to establish MAAPN as an association member of the Wisconsin Coalition for Collaborative Excellence in Assisted Living (WCCEAL).


Seeking retired, semi-retired healthcare professionals and student interns. Find out how to become our partner.


 MAAPN seeks equitable and fair healthcare for all. . . .

our leadership team

With more than forty years of business experience in retail, manufacturing, financial planning, human resource management, personal care worker management, and consulting, accompanied by advanced degrees, "Father George" as I am affectionately called brings balance and reason to our team of compassionate resolute professionals in a meaningful, effective, impactful and persuasive manner.  


(FY 2013)
During a chance meeting between Father G. Pumphrey and another care provider, it was determined that there was a dire need for the formation of an issue-focused organization to meet the needs of geriatric, disability and mental health service disparities across all areas of the Southeastern Wisconsin adult disability services community. Other attempts to form an effective and responsible voice had failed miserably. Would there be support for another  fresh approach to resolution of issues confronting the small and faith-based care provider community? A number of issues were discussed, of greatest importance, was the fire sprinkler mandate,disparity issues with caregiver provider agencies, the CMU funding sources (Milwaukee County and the State of Wisconsin) for disability services, and the minority client base, including the severely disabled and most mentally challenged, etc. There was a need to form some type of organization that could be a strong advocacy and support voice to workers, providers and clients within our impacted metro geographic area.

Our founderS

After many years of failed attempts by others to successfully organize AL providers of a particular demographic, MAAPN, in 2013 succeeded in organizing a core group of providers, acquired a 501(c)3 and now represents this provider demographics and others.  

Our founders are a dedicated group of Southeastern Wisconsin Regional group-home providers and healthcare professionals inspired by the work of the late Lolita Buck, RN, who tried for over 30 years to advance the professionals skills of group home owners while providing health care to residents of the group homes.