"When we Fight everybody wins"

Individual Membership Fees       $35.00 per month

-  Right to attend Annual Board Meeting

-  Right to attend 5 BOD Meetings of choice a year

-  Right to submit information & documents for website publishing 

Community Healthcare Supply Chain & Professional Services Vendors 

"MAAPN is interested in identifying and cataloging all vendors used by each AL provider in their own unique silo of resources and care.  This will provide opportunities for vendors to increase sell of products beyond just an individual provider."

Student Intern Membership Fees      $100.00 per year

-  Membership fees may be reduced for volunteer service

-  Must be actively enrolled in a college or university

-  Right to serve on work groups & committees

-  Preferred referrals and admittance to Intern Programs

Corporate Sponsorship Membership    $2,000.00 per year

-  Right to publish corporate logo on website

-  Right to attend Annual Board Meeting

-  Right to advertise at MAAPN events