"When we Fight everybody wins"


MAAPN believes that the ACA should fully guarantee regulation and protection for all children and adult disability services and programs (including AL communities), not co-opt or broker these services to states.  Understanding the ACA requires study of those states where ACA was allowed to flourish.  A helpful study document can be found at .....

The homeless disabled population on our streets (including homeless veterans not a part of VA Healthcare) take healthcare and physical care anywhere available in their cities. This population has been with us forever!  Where do they go from here?  


MAAPN advocates for fair and equitable healthcare and services to all in need!  This is a national moral imperative!  "Hope" to realize this goal will be the results of planning, problem resolutions, direct action, and coalition building and involvement. 

  • "Once you chose hope, anything is possible,"  Christopher Reeves​
  • ​Hope is nothing without planning for the expected outcome.
  • Join MAAPN and other coalitions to work together for the same shared outcome.
  • Choose coalitions, like MAAPN, that value and accommodate racial and cultural diversity.
  • Work only with coalitions composed of racial and cultural diversity leadership and membership.
  • Speak out!  Remember, a closed mouth does not get fed.
  • Actions lead to results.

​Recommended Coalitions and Organizations Committed to Equitable Healthcare